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MOOG Suspension Auto Parts Available in Western Tires

MOOG Suspension in Western Tires

In Western Tires, you will find everything you need for the suspension of your vehicle, do not miss the Super Promotion 50% we have.

Never been easier to pamper your car with the best products and the best service on the island. We think of you, we make it easy for you.

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MOOG ball joints ball joints have a unique design. Hard wearing, hard working and greasable, they are tailored specifically for each application to support steering which feels smooth and solid Ball joints are suspension parts which enable the wheels and suspension to move effectively together.

The MOOG design also transfers the load to the housing for maximum stability.

MOOG Stabilisers

MOOG link stabilisers are extra durable and 100% quality checked to ensure total wheel control.

 MOOG Suspension  MOOG Suspension

The link stabiliser is the connection between the main body and the chassis. It keeps the wheel stable and reduces vibration and uncontrolled movements. MOOG link stabilisers add stability to steering. These MOOG parts are reinforced for extra durability and superior wheel control.

MOOG repair kits make it easy.
By giving you a whole family of parts that should be replaced at once, they:

  • Increase safety.
  • Save time.
  • Improve vehicle performance.
  • Provide a 2-year warranty.

MOOG Silentblocs are designed to the highest specifications, effectively reducing vibration and noise. Made of premium quality materials, they ensure optimum vibration-absorbing performance in every application. Strut mounts attach the suspension strut to the vehicle body. They cushion the impact between the strut and the vehicle, reducing jarring, vibration and noise. The bearings within the front strut mount are crucial to maintaining a smooth and responsive steering movement.

Track control and wishbone arms make steering solid and sturdy by stabilizing the wheel. They reduce vibration and uncontrolled movement whilst driving. MOOG wishbones are anti-corrosive and long lasting, withstanding exposure to severe road conditions such as water, salt, snow, stones and gravel.

 MOOG Suspension  MOOG Suspension

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