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Western Brake Pads

Western Brake Pads

The braking systems of cars, trucks and motorcycles are made up of a number of parts that translate the driver's actions into physical force that stops the car. One of those brake parts is your vehicle's brake pads.

A well-maintained set of brakes should last you for thousands of kilometers, but brake pads do wear down over time and will eventually need replacing

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Brake pads are vital to the performance of your vehicle's Brakes. So here's when you need professional service to replace and maintain the brake pads of your vehicle in good condition, to provide you sense of a safe ride.

At Western Tires we offer you a guaranteed service and everything you need to replace your brake pads and make sure your vehicle offers you a safe ride.

For all your vehicle needs visit Western Tires and get guaranteed advice, parts and service for an affordable price. Call +599 9 737 0459 or come by to schedule your appointment.

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Brake Pads

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